Friday, August 10, 2012

Racial Microaggression (plus 2 links under the cut)

Something I found over at Tumblr (Young Badman Brown).  A few links on racial microaggression: 

Two colleagues—one Asian-American, the other African-American—board a small plane. A flight attendant tells them they can sit anywhere, so they choose seats near the front of the plane and across the aisle from each another so they can talk.
At the last minute, three white men enter the plane and take the seats in front of them. Just before takeoff, the flight attendant, who is white, asks the two colleagues if they would mind moving to the back of the plane to better balance the plane's load. Both react with anger, sharing the same sense that they are being singled out to symbolically "sit at the back of the bus." When they express these feelings to the attendant, she indignantly denies the charge, saying she was merely trying to ensure the flight's safety and give the two some privacy.  Were the colleagues being overly sensitive, or was the flight attendant being racist?

Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life:  Implications for Clinical Practice

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